An Authentic Slate Lightweight Roofing Solution! Less Slate = Less Weight.

Lightweight Slate Roof with Nulok System

Lightweight Slate Roof with Nu-lok System. Galvanised steel grid system that holds the slate in place.

  • The Nu-lok™ system and slate weighs less than six pounds per square foot.
  • Saves on installation costs
  • Saves on materials
  • Saves on maintenance
  • Miami-Dade County, Florida hurricane approved.
  • Uses genuine Vermont Architectural Roofing Slate.
  • 50 year warranty Nu-lok system (100 year on slate)
  • Energy Efficient. Helps optimize A/C and heating energy consumption via superior insulating factors.
  • Natural environmental sustainability.
  • Ease of slate tile removal for maintenance/service access to the building.
  • Upgrade to solar photovoltaic panels anytime!
  • Vermont SlateWright can train and support your company with installation technique, or, we’ll gladly install it for you.

Nu-lok™ roofing system is the latest state of the art method for fastening slate to a roof. Nulok system is lightweight, impressively reducing overall roof weight by more efficiently using the slate. A perfect choice for those concerned with the weight of a traditional slate roofs use of wooden battens. Nulok mounts genuine slate on a lightweight galvanised steel grid system.The patented batten and Link Channel™  holds the slates securely in place ridding the need for double-lapping of slate, as the Link Channel™  allows water to be re-routed to the surface of the slate below. Consequently, the Nu-lok system requires fewer slates and less labor than traditional slate roofing, making it a very affordable roofing option.Nu-lok™ system meets or exceeds the ASTM E-108 Class A ICBO standard. Our Nu-lok™ roofing system has received a Notice Of Acceptance by Miami-Dade County, Florida for use in hurricane zones.

Download and view the Nu-lok lightweight roofing system brochure to see how it works! Here.